Robert and Arlene Winkler founded RiverSculpture Festival to create
an exciting venue for contemporary outdoor sculpture by regional artists.
A complex, large scale event that incorporated dance, theater, music and
children's art education—the intention was to recognize and celebrate the
interconnections between disciplines, and to open a new dialogue between
artists, performers, and the community.

Producing RiverSculpture was a discipline in itself, the result of high standards,
painstaking organization, and cooperation with corporate sponsors and local arts

In 2013, as Curator of Symbology for EDGE Communications I collaborated with a team of animators to create a set of visually active symbols based on sculptures, instantly providing multiple levels of information to system trouble-shooters.

Edge’s Network Monitoring environment monitors and manages a limitless number of devices, conditions and states, utilizing sophisticated data collection, visualization techniques and knowledgebase tie-ins. The animated symbols were created to visually indicate where in the system a problem existed.